Here is the solution for you!

We have build together a ShareCash bypasser for all people who got the same problems with Sharecash, FileIce, Uploadee and so on.

With this app you are able to easily bypass any ShareCash survey. This will not only work with ShareCash you can bypass the surveys of Dengee, FileRev etc.too!

This multi Pay Per Download Platforms Survey Bypas tool was coded for different OS you can use it with Windows, Mac, Linux or even on your mobile devices!

This is your answer to bypass all surveys from pay per download also known as PPD websites!

The aim of this software is to help those who need to get their files quickly from Sharecash or Uploadee and so on or any other important matter! If you abuse and misuse the tool, like spread it around at other websites, we might disable the extra features, so keep it for your own!
New updated version supports the following PPD hoster services:


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About the Survey Bypass Tool

So ..Is this software free ? (Updated on Dec.08.2014)

Yes for sure! Our team is giving this software away for free. Still.. if you like our tool than you still can donate us whatever you want.
A donation is always welcome!

Is this working ?

Yes and we have a lot of friends who use it everyday! This is 100% working. As soon as one of our testers tells us there is a problem we will updating it immediatly. The Sharecash Bypass Tool gets updated as soon as there is a change at ShareCash,FileIce, Uploadee ...
Now you can download your files from any Pay Per Download platform like ShareCash or FileIce without doing a survey! This will work to Bypass CPALead too!
This application will help to skip the survey or you can use it to generate a real direct download link for the ShareCash, FileIce... URL you put in. In case the first way does not complete successfully the auto survey bypass tool connects to a big database which contains tons of ShareCash Premium accounts, FileIce Premium accounts and working premium accounts for the other file hosters!. As an fallback solution the survey bypass util will use the built in Pay Per Download sites premium account generator so you can download all of your files without answering that surveys!

Important Requirements for the Pay Per Download Site Bypass Tool

This things you will need to get your files free from sharecash and other sites!
1. Sharecash/FIleIce/Uploadee/FileRev ... Bypass application (see Download Links)
2. .PC Users - NET Framework 3.5 or later
Linux Users - Kernel 2.6
Mac Users - Mac OSX


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